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Drip Tape With Holes


Pomeculture: Grape, Kiwi, Apple, Pear, Oranges, and etc. Floriculture: Roses, Tulips, Carnations, Lilies for fresh cut flowers Nursing Solution & Land Cultivation Others: Flower gardens and Roadside trees.


It’s suitable to pomeculture and perennial garden stuff by its superior durability. Clogging free by its special structure. It has excellent effect on orchard and crops cultivated outside or in slope. Superior durability with the raw material of chemical-proof and anti-ultraviolet rays. It is available to irrigate vast area at same time with low volume.


Cutting down production costs.
Decreasing damage by from insects.
Increasing productivity.


Drip irrigation is a low-pressure, low-volume watering system that delivers water to farmlands in a variety of methods, including dripping, spraying and streams. 

Drip irrigation sends an even, deep supply of water directly to the root zone of the plant without waste or runoff. It uses up to 50% less water than conventional systems; spares plants the stress caused by the wet-dry cycles of overhead watering; and minimizes erosion, soil compaction, leaf burn, mold, and fungal diseases.



Material High quality PE abd Anti-UV materials
Length 100m,200m per roll or as your needs
Weight According to the length
Color Black,white or as your needs
Thickness 0.19-0.6mm or 7.5mil-23.6mil
Working Pressure 0.8-1.5Bar
Production Capacity 80000 meters per month
Certificate ISO9001;CE
Service OEM/ODM